Whether you’re new to Los Angeles or just moving to a new part of the city, we provide Relocation Services designed to make your transition as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Experienced Guidance: We have intensive knowledge of the city and its diverse neighborhoods, and we truly love sharing information about schools, sports, activities, traffic patterns and transportation options, best stores and restaurants, etc.

Availability: We work days, evenings and weekends to accommodate our clients’ busy schedules.

Transportation: We pick up clients and take them on neighborhood tours as well as introduce them to local attractions.

Productivity: Instead of searching the internet, making phone calls and spending hours/days looking at potential homes, we quickly match a client's criteria with available properties so they most efficiently find the perfect new residence.

Rental Inventory: Locating options, scheduling tours, negotiating leases - if clients prefer to lease before buying to test a locale’s fit or to make sure the job is right, we will ensure they find the most befitting home to rent.

Remote Virtual Services: If/when clients are unable to visit Los Angeles prior to their move, we provide virtual tours by shooting video footage of home(s) and neighborhood(s).

With years of relocation experience, we understand the intricacies, uncertainties, and stress of moving to a new locale, so in addition to helping new or transferring people find their next home, we provide supplemental services including:
- Pre-move Area Counseling designed to help them become familiar with the entire area as well as various neighborhoods
- Referrals of potential movers/shipping companies, mortgage lenders, insurance providers, contractors, gardeners, etc.
- Finding temporary housing
- Concierge Services - for special requests/needs
- Directory of Local Service Providers  
In short, trust that we work days, nights, and weekends to find the perfect home to buy or lease - and ensure the best experience possible for anyone relocating around Los Angeles.


“The Blankenships are an incredible real estate team. When my wife and I were looking for a realtor to help us relocate from overseas to Los Angeles, a mutual connection referred us to them and we are so grateful. They are extremely knowledgeable about the entire area, and they were also very accommodating of our timeline and our need to work feverishly to find a home quickly. Lauren and Allen listened and understood right away the key items we wanted, and helped us narrow down our search. They picked us up each day out and shared highlights of the neighborhoods as we drove through. They also were very candid about each home's positives and negatives. They made house hunting and the entire negotiation process a fun, exciting experience - with minimal stress! You cannot go wrong with them as your realtor!”

- Drs. F & V

“If you're looking for a Real Estate Agent in L.A., you can look no further. Lauren and Allen went above and beyond to help us find the perfect home to lease while we get to know the area. My wife and I were relocating from La Jolla to West L.A. for her new job and these two helped us out every step of the way. They made touring homes as easy as this process can be, they were very straightforward about what homes and areas would be like to live in, and made sure we were comfortable with our decision. The next step: work with them to find the ideal home to purchase - which should be a fun, exciting adventure!”

- P.B.A.